Wednesday, February 3, 2016

As We Gather Together

Hi everyone!

Before I even had a chance to have my coffee this morning today’s topic was on my heart.  In just 2 days we have already seen our little tribe of makers & creatives here in Central Louisiana embrace our 100 day challenge with the enthusiasm one gets when they walk into a Hobby Lobby for the first time.  What I have found over the years, as I began my Curiosity Cottage journey, is that creatives love to share their craft with others.  Our love and enthusiasm for what we do can be contagious for those we come in contact with.  Having a place to form a tribe and meet with like-minded individuals, even if our gifts are in drastically different areas, fills our community with enthusiasm and excitement.  I think one thing that we all can agree on is that though our talents may take on different forms, we all have such a deep appreciation of each other’s work.  Unfortunately, sometimes there are people in our worlds that do not understand our creative, free spirited natures and as a result we may have held back when it comes to our true potential.

Lucky for us, 2015 changed that with the first Maker Mornings.  Lucky for us creatives within our community saw the potential that was walking the streets of our southern town and visiting in our local coffee shops and businesses.  Lucky for us leaders within our community had the vision to bring us together in hopes that our individual creative energies would help to fuel our new formed tribe of creatives.  On day 2 our tribe was ready to create their own head dresses – yes in the form of t-shirts, but I think you have the picture.  On day 2 creatives were learning to use hashtags and incorporate them into their post.  On day 2 we saw inspiring videos that left us all a bit speechless at the beauty of the process.  Yes, all of this happened in only TWO days!!!  Where will we find ourselves on day 100???

Well if I were the betting kind, I would say that we are going to watch our tribe yield friendships and inspiration, networking opportunities, and a sense of community like none of us have ever quite known before.   I am not making just one thing here at Curiosity Cottage, I am taking my little cottage and bringing her into a world that she was never able to fully experience before.  I write, I embroider, I paint, I build things, I make Garden Glitter…I create whatever the Lord lays on my heart, which makes my life a fabulous adventure to say the least.

So my word for our tribe for today is GATHER, because that is indeed what we have done.  And in the process of joining the tribe I have now truly created a Curiosity Cottage where Friends & Family can now gather as well.

I’ll see you tomorrow.


  1. Incredible developments in just two days with your new tribe! I cannot wait to see what your cottage looks like now! Tracey



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