Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wow - God Wink!!!

I am sooooo looking forward to being able to spend time writing...just a few more days until the semester is over and then let the fun begin!!! :D Yesterday I found this AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL book called "Keeping Chickens." The God Wink...Ashley English, the author, also has a blog. Story after story in the magazines I read lately are of women who turn blogs into incredible business ventures. Add to that the friendships they make and the way they exchange ideas and send each other surprises and is like there are a whole lot of "Jen Clones" out there!!! It is so very uplifting and encouraging!!!

The world of blogging buddies that await me have put a new spring in my step and totally enlightened my heart. Hey, we gals are social creatures by design, so give me some good friends and covnersation with a new project thrown in the mix and I am set for life!!

Off to the ball park!!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!!!

So at the end of a VERY stressful week...Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!!! :D Sam had not told me he had bred his rabbits. :D My life has been such a whirlwind of late, I never even saw them...neither did Sam! They are sooooo precious, active and healthy! It was such a positice way to close out the week and so exciting for us all!!


Friday, April 16, 2010

When life has you in a whirlwind...

When life has you in a whirlwind, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and then CREATE!!! What started as a worn out gazebo, missing parts, & a canopy, as well as a table and chairs in the same basic condition is turning into something soooooo special at Curiosity Cottage!!! Finished product coming soon!!! :-)


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thank Heavens for my Little Cottage in the Woods...

All I can say about this day is WOW!!! I love my life, but there are times that I am so crazy busy that to those who know me, I am moving so fast you would think my hair was going to catch on fire at any moment!! :) This is definitely one of those times!!! What is so AWESOME though is that now at the end of the day I have Curiosity Cottage to come home too; I have a blog community to explore; and so it brings a sense of calm in the midst of the storm.

This INCREDIBLE new world that allows me to combine my "right brain" creative side with my "left brain" computer science side all started with my first visit to Notes from a Cottage Industry. You can find this BEAUTIFUL blog in the frame to the right of this post.

A friend of mine said that the blog reminded her so much of me I had to check it out. It opened an entirely new door for me in terms of where I can take my computer science skills. I have learned though as I look at some of these INCREDIBLE blogs, to not let myself get overwhelmed...we all have to start somewhere. Some of these blogs have been in existence for years. It takes time, practice, the support of AMAZING friends & family, with God's gentle guidance along the way!! As the sign in my office reads, "Attitude is EVERYTHING" and as I begin this new journey in my life, I remind myself of all these things DAILY and at some times even minute by minute!!!

The lesson from this though that I am passing along to my students, you can take a degree and a hobby and turn it into all kinds of AMAZING things!!! Never think that you have to get a degree and sit in a cubicle the rest of your life!!!

My project I am posting for the day is also waiting for wild flowers to bloom around the base of the bed. As the sweet potato vines grow, I will wrap them around the cord that is holding my hanging baskets to disguise them...but I wanted you to see this work in progress!!


Monday, April 12, 2010

Today's Words of Wisdom - April 12, 2010

"Grace isn't a little prayer you say before eating a meal. It's a way to live."
~ Jackie Windspear

Work in progress & more...

Look at the fruits of my labor!!! Two are flower containers I put together. The German bath tub I have filled with flower seeds, so it is the "work in progress"!! :-) As my new plants grow and bloom I'll post updated photos. I use my small German bath tub to ice down sodas when I have friends over. Since my house is new, I am starting from "ground 0" in terms of putting in flower beds. There are some many wonderful things in the woods surrounding my little cottage and I am trying to incorporate as much of these things as possible.

It is so relaxing and fun!! As I go through this journey I hope you can take the time to stop and smell the flowers with me!!


Free Image Editing

Well I have to sing the praises of PhotoScape, a free photo editing software. It has allowed me to now get my banner in a form and using a font that I LOVE!!! Spring Break is now officially over, so it will limit my ability to explore & play with my new blog project, but only for a few more short weeks. The beauty of teaching lies in all the AWESOME vaction time we have each year!! :-) I will try out this new software more this evening though and will post new pictures of my projects soon!!


Friday, April 9, 2010

Good Morning from Curiosity Cottage

Good Morning World!! :-) As I step out my door this morning and enjoy this BEAUTIFUL spring morning, it seemed only fitting to post a picture of my new hydrangeas. I took a "quiz" on Facebook once that identified "What Kind of Flower are You?"...I was the "Hydrangea." This is so fitting as a start to build my Cottage Gardens. I look so forward to looking back on these initial posts years from now to see how my garden progresses. :-)

I hope that you all enjoy this WONDERFUL day!!!


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Babies at Curiosity Cottage

I wrote earlier this week about my babies...well here are some pictures. In addition I have included a picture of what these babies will look like when they grow up! :-) That picture is from This has been the most INCREDIBLE experience EVER!!! It has been so amazing watching them change. One more reason why I love living at Curiosity Cottage!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another night at Curiosity Cottage

As I venture outside of Curiosity Cottage tonight I am serenaded by the sound of frogs, lots and lots of frogs, while the woods surrounding my cottage are lit with lightening bugs. It brings a smile to my face, I so love living in the country!!! In the mornings I am awakened to the sound of my neighbors’ roosters, because my own colonel Sanders is too young to wake me yet. It makes me even more anxious to finish my gazebo for the front yard and my vintage furniture for the backyard so I can sit outside and enjoy the sights & sounds that surround Curiosity Cottage. I look so forward to sharing my love for my little corner of the world with you all!!



Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good Night from Curiosity Cottage

As my day comes to a close, I look so forward to being able to writing about my adventures here at Curiosity Cottage. This special place is not just about being the name for my blog, but about being my heart, soul and home!!! I look so forward to the days ahead when we will share in this journey!!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Curiosity Cottage - Day 2

What an AWESOME day!!! Day 1 I spoke of my time in Germany, so it is only fitting on this BEAUTIFUL day that I take the metal German bathtub I brought back from Germany and turn it into a planter. It will take a while for it to be picture worthy though, since I planted seeds. I also planted 6 Hydrangias, 3 hanging baskets, border for my sidewalk and lots & lots of seeds!! :D In addition to what I planted, I also used an old iron bed as a back drop for my hanging baskets and some of the wildflower seeds I planted. Too tired to take pictures tonight, as things start to take shape I will add snapshots to by blog!! I can't wait!!!!

For now though I have to call it a night so the Easter Bunny will come in the morning!! :D


Word of Wisdom for April 3, 2010

One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries. ~ A.A.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Curiosity Cottage – Day 1

This is the first day of forever!!!!

In the newest book by Squire Rushnell, “When God Winks on New Beginnings,” he says that one is never too old to fulfill their dreams. Computer Science Professor by day and creative inventor by night, Curiosity Cottage is a new creative outlet for me that will allow me to take my years of creative experience and utilize my computer skills and see where the Lord leads me. Words of wisdom I try to instill in my students is that if one does what they love, God will provide what they need to survive in this world.

Why Curiosity Cottage??? Well having lived in Germany for 7 years I developed a love for the European, Cottage style of decorating. It could also be a result of the helpless romantic in me! LOL I have always been the curious type, so it is no surprise that my three children have inherited this trait from their mother. Curiosity Cottage encompasses the feel of my home with three active kids residing under its roof.

So Welcome!!!




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