Friday, July 29, 2011

How do you find rest???

Hi everyone,

I am off to an extra early start today so that I can go and check on my mom.  As I watch more and more of my friends also taking caring of their parents, it makes me even more aware of how much we need to check on each other.  Yes, this is the natural progression of life, but that does not make it any less exhausting, both emotionally and physically.  My kids know I can tear up at a good commercial..."mom, it is just TV"...  I just have a tender heart, so for me I have found this process to be extremely emotional!!  At the same time though, I am striving to find a balance so that I can also take care of myself.  If we allow ourselves to get too exhausted, then we are of no use to kids or our parents, all of whom need us.

So yes, I will head out early, but I will also make sure I take a bit of time this afternoon to rest.  I am also sooooo praying that I can also fit some time in this weekend to sew.  I have some orders to get done, but creating is therapy for my own soul!!!  When I make things for others, it is relaxing for me.  Some would consider it extra work, but it is here that I find rest.

So what about you, what helps you during stressful times find peace and a bit of rest?  I would love to hear from you.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

We're Never Too Old To Sit Back & Dream

Hi everyone,

As I have said in the posts recently, my plate to sooooo full these days.  It is funny how often when life throws us multiple curve balls all at once we tend to forget our dreams and aspirations.  I have come to the realization though, that it is during these stressful times that we do need to stop and take a time to reflect on our dreams.  They can serve as our rainbow through the oceans of tears we may be crying or the mountain of obstacles we must climb.

One of my goals for the fall, is to take my talents that I have blessed with and use them to bless others.  For most of my adult life the moments that given me the most joy, were those times when I did things for other peoples.  No, I am not trying to put something else on my "to-do" list, I am simply wanting to look beyond me and my circumstances and provide a bit of sunshine to someone who may not have seen it for a while or who may never have been surprised for no reason.

It is my firm belief that when we take out talents and look beyond ourselves, using these talents for the glory of God, then those dreams we have...well God will fulfill them in ways we would have never even imagined!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"T" is for "Team" and "Tioga"

Hi everyone!!
For those of you who do not live close to me, my boys play ball in a community known as Tioga.  In just two more days our little team of 10 year old boys will play more All Star games. 

Yes, it is hot, but they are learning so much and it is such a GREAT opportunity for them.  This time of their lives will cultivate lessons and friendships that they will have forever.

These boys have all been playing ball together for so long that it has become a really close group.  With all of the events in my life these days, some would wonder why or how I go to practices and games.  The thing is, these times only happen once and it does not matter what is going on in my life, my kids are my top priority. 

Watching them thrills me to no end.  Visiting with the friends I have made at the ball park and embroidering different things for the moms is what I love to do!!  Taking time for what I love in turn gives me the strength to handle the tough things!! 

Play ball boys!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hi everyone,
It has been quite a few days since I last wrote.  Between having my mom in ICU, having a son playing All-Star baseball, and physical therapy for my arm, I am totally wiped!!!  These things have not left me with much energy to write.  For me though, my home - Curiosity Cottage - is my refuge. I love quilts, so seeing this one I had hanging on the clothes line made it a natural element for today's post.  This quilt is just so me!!

Coming home at the end of my roller coaster days, curling up with one of my quilts to pray and read is where I find my strength.  It is during these tough times that I grab a little bit of rest so that I have the strength to keep moving forward.  Tonight mom had a good night, so this will help me to sleep better.  I am just so thankful for my amazing friends, I could not get through all of this with out you!! 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Busy, busy day!!

Hi everyone,
It has been another very busy, but productive day.  I literally rushed through physical therapy so I could make the 10:00 am visiting time at the ICU.  Then it was non-stop getting things accomplished and ready for the weekend.  Tomorrow my morning will start at 5:00 am and will end after Mikey's 8:00 pm ball game.  In the middle I must get grades turned in; hem Mikeys' ball pants; embroider at least two shirts; visit mom in the ICU; and work at my mom's house with my brother.  With a double header on Saturday, that day will probably be a blur too.  To say I well need Sunday as a day of rest would be a major understatement!!  :D

As crazy as life is right now, I have been making time for me each day.  Today I even increased my training by 1/2 mile!!  :D  I also love taking pictures and reading!!!  The ball park will give me a whole host of photo opportunities this weekend!! :D  While I know I will be tired, I know I will want to write and share!!  Yes, it is hot but these times with my kids will be gone in the blink of an eye, so I cherish each and every ball game and road trip with our team!!  I also made the moms from our team shirts, so want to show you their pictures too!!

for now though I best get some rest!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm Counting My Blessings

Hi everyone,
Today I am so counting my blessings!!  While sometimes my 3 kids will fight like cats in a bag, I would not trade them for anything!!  Last night my 10 year old says "mom you are almost 2/3 of the way through your Daniel Fast!  That is GREAT, you can do this!!!" 

Seeing his appreciation and understanding for what I am doing was such a ray of sunshine last night, on what had been a gloomy day.

As I cheer on my daughter as she starts organic chemistry today, my boys cheer me on as I work on the million different projects I have on my plate right now. What they are learning is that if we all work together as a team we can get more done.  There are times that feathers get ruffled, but when night time comes the most important thing is that we are a family.

I am so grateful for all their help, love, and support!!  Yes, life may throw me curve balls at times, but someone on my little team is always here ready to help me catch them.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Keeping the Faith

Hi everyone,
It has been a very draining day, to say the least!!  Tonight my mom was put in the ICU.  While my brother and I have suspected that she was sick for quite some time, it is still never easy when someone you love is sick.  I am typically your classic emotional eater, but have been determined today to not let my emotions lead me to break my fast.  To say that I am excited that I have accomplished this would be a HUGE understatement!!  :D

Hey, in every cloud always look for the silver lining, right??!! After all, if you think about it, Jesus had to endure the unspeakable while fasting and yet He did not quit!! :D It is from His strength that I draw on my own right now.  So for once I am a bit short on words and longing to continue reading “The Grace to Race.”  I am also incredibly emotional when I am tired and so I know I need to get some much needed rest.
We will visit again tomorrow!! 

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Return of My Independance

Hi everyone,
I cannot even begin to express the joy that I am feeling today!!!  Last night I put on my new running shoes and was off for my first day of training!!!  I did better than I ever expected!!!  Then when I got home I started reading the book "The Grace to Race" that I bought yesterday.  I must tell you, if you have never heard or read about Sister Madonna Buder, you should really take a minute to read her story.  Her book is just AMAZING!!!  It fit in so perfectly with the whole fasting and physical fitness journey that I am on.  I cannot wait to tell my training buddies about the book tonight. :D

If reading this incredible book and accomplishing day 1 of my fitness goal was not enough for celebration, today for the first time since I fell on March 19th I was able to work in my yard, using both arms!!!  :D  For me, this Independance Day truely means I am gaining my independance once again!!!  As I worked on cleaning up my German Bathtub planter I came across the following lawn ornament.

What a beautiful sight, because after all, this is what my purpose behind doing the Daniel Fast has all been about.  Yes, a God Wink to so clearly affirm that I am on the right path!!

What a WONDERFUL day!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

I think "Ordinary Angels" are really "Extraordinary Angels"!!

Hi everyone,

With the 4th just hours away, it finally hit me today that of all the holidays this one so very special to me!!  Not only is it our nations birthday, but to me it so symbolizes all of the men and women in our country, who due to circumstances beyond their control, are not free.  So I wanted to write today to offer a bit of hope for those that feel like all hope is lost.  Maybe this is not you, but maybe you know someone in that type of position.  If so, you might just be an angel in their life, after all there is no such thing as chance. 

I do not believe in chance, but rather God Winks.  SQuire Rushnell has put together four AMAZING books that tell of God Winks that have happened to people from all walks of life in various and assorted circumstances.  These are all things that so reiterate the fact that nothing can be left to chance. 

On my way to church this morning, when I turned on my CD player Craig Morgan's song Ordinary Angels began to play.  I could not help but smile, after all, is there really such thing as an "ordinary" angel!!  It is the "ordinary" angels though that have so blessed my life and showered me with God Winks.  They have afforded me the opportunity to truly appreciate July 4th for what it is, a day to celebrate Independence - given this be for a nation or for an individual!  :D

Happy 4th everybody!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wonder Woman had a Cape - Jen has Running Shoes

Hi everyone!

Wow, what a day!!  It has been very busy, but very productive.  The most exciting event of the day, I purchased new running shoes for my son and myself.  Now some of you may be asking “what’s the big deal???”  For me though, FINALLY on the road to recovery, it is just one more step toward the many mountains I wanted to climb this year.  I have always been a “glass is half full” kind of girl, but I have to tell you, being injured really put my outlook on life to the test.  Being injured for me has been like Wonder Woman losing her cape!!  :D

My whole reason for doing the Daniel Fast has been to seek guidance in terms of where the Lord wants me to go with my business and myself personally.   The beautiful thing about this adventure is that with each passing day I can see ever more clearly where I have been and where I am supposed to go!!  As my 21 days pass, the whole process is like looking through my outdoor window that does not have any walls, so you can see things from both sides with ease.  :D

It just so happens though that this whole fasting process also has me cooking and eating healthier than I ever have in my life, which I LOVE!!  So any time people make healthy changes in their lives they do have to change their eating habits, but it also helps to plan goals as well.  Since I am also one that LOVES a challenge and the more difficult the challenge the better, my goal is so in line with this way of thinking!! 

Four years ago I participated in and complete 3 triathlons.  That was THE most INCREDIBLE summer of my life.  However, the past several summers have left me either moving or with some sort of injury.  My friend Kathy knows how much I want to do them again and Mike, a dear trainer friend, has been encouraging me as well.  So though I cannot participate in a triathlon until my arm is healed next spring, I can run!!  :D  What is even more perfect is that there is a run on my birthday, November 20th!!!  I cannot think of a better present to give myself!!  So last night I downloaded a training schedule to run/jog/walk and complete a half marathon.  While this is a 12 week training schedule, I did not want to wait, but wanted to start the training process now.  My precious Sam wants to do this with me too, so mother and son will train together from now until November!!

Oh, and you did read it right, I did say half marathon!!  :D  As my friends know, if I am going to take on a goal, I always go for big ones!!  Of course I can be a mom, do computer consulting, embroider, teach and train.  After all, Wonder Woman is on the road to getting her cape back!!


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