Friday, April 24, 2020

The Treasures in My Travels

Hi everyone,

I seemed to be on a writing roll this morning...

As I look around at the treasures I have collected on my travels it is the stack of maps that my heart is drawn to. I love the look and feel of maps. We can tell so much about life and periods in time by looking at them. They remind me of my own life. God looks down from heaven and can see it all so clearly. We can stand at point A and feel in our heart that there is a point B, but the map of our life may still be waiting for the roads to get us to our new destination to be constructed. Let’s face it, road construction is never fast or easy, and it never seems to take place at a conscientious why should we think that the construction of our road through life should be any different? Don’t we all hit pot holes every now and then? Don’t we all have some sort of car trouble at some point in life? Don’t we all encounter detours, and unforeseen obstacles in the highway, as we travel down this highway called life? 

Oh but the excitement! The excitement when He shows us the place that we truly know where we should be. It’s like a child waiting to go to Disney, they don’t ask if they are going to drive for 18 hours in a car or fly for just a few by plane. They don’t care how they get from point A to point B, they just know that they are going. For me this is the exciting part. I don’t know how He will take me from point A to point B. All I know is that I feel like a child with a new pair of Mickey Mouse ears as I wait to see His plan. And as I wait, as I write about this season of waiting, documenting my journey, I hope that one day it can serve as someone else’s map. I hope it can inspire others to look for their point B with the enthusiasm of a little child, and dare to pursue their dreams.


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