Thursday, June 30, 2011

I can see my lighthouse!!

Hi everyone!

Tonight I am thrilled because I finally can see the light!!! :D The past several months have been very tough for me because I have been so use to doing everything myself my entire adult life. I injured my right arm, so household chores that would have normally been everyday tasks were all of a sudden off limits, either by doctor’s orders or because it was just too painful. What I have learned from this ordeal is that it is okay to ask for help. I have finally reached the point, as a result of my injury, where I have asked friends for help. This was a HUGE step for me, but WOW has it made a difference in my stress level!!

I now have someone to mow my yard, so my kids could actually help me tend to plants tonight without having to worry about mowing too. My little cottage is on 2 ½ acres so there is always plenty to do outside, but having someone to at least do the basic yard work for me is just WONDERFUL!!!

My goal for the summer was to get a vast array of things in order in my life, which step by step I am doing. So to some tonight’s photo might just be a painting of a lighthouse, but to me it is a beacon of encouragement and hope for exciting things to come in my life!! My injury may have slowed me a bit, but it has not stopped me; if anything it has given me time to reflect, refocus, and revive my dreams and aspirations. With each passing day of my Daniel Fast and this recovery road that I am on, I am able to lay the foundation so that my dreams can all one day become reality! :D

Until tomorrow, good night!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

From Baseball to Brides!!

Hi everyone,

As this very busy month comes to a close I could not help but look back and reflect on the wide scope of things that I create.  While I make shirts for the baseball moms, I am also making ring-bearer pillows and guest books for one of my special bride clients.  These two items I created using pictures that my client brought to me.  After asking a few questions and finding out we both love texture, off I went with this project.

It is the variety of different things I make and embroider that makes me love what I do so much!!  What is even more exciting is that it looks like only a couple more months before my arm will be back to normal.  This will mean a lot of therapy, but that is okay.  I have so many things I want to create and will be so happy to be back to normal, I will endure whatever is required!!

So I wanted to share these two items I made so that you could catch a glimpse of the exciting bridal items I will be adding to my bridal registry page in the coming months!!  Since I can finally see the light at the end of the recovery tunnel, I am more excited than ever!! 

Of course, since I have focused on baseball and brides, it seems only natural that I make something for baby next!!  :D

Enjoy your evening!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Surprise, Surprise!!!

Hi everyone!

As you will notice this evening I spent some time changing the look of my blog!  :D With summer upon us, it just seemed like it was time for a change!!  I would love for you to leave your comments and tell me what you think!  All feedback is greatly appreciated!  :D

Well anyone that knows me, knows that I love surprises!!!  Nothing thrills me more than surprising my friends!  A dear friend of mine just finished getting her Nurse Practitioner degree and nothing is more appropriate in Louisiana than a Fleur de Lis.  So for her I stitched out this beautiful nursing Fleur de Lis design and she is going to frame it for her office. :D

That is what I love so much about my little cottage, it affords me the opportunity to work on creative projects for myself as well as others.  I think that is one of the things that is most important to me; not only to grow my business, but to never forget where all of this started.  For me it all started with making surprises and gifts for my friends and family.  It is really an aspect of my personality that I have had my entire life, but have really just been able to allow time to develop in my talents in the past several years.

As I have mentioned this week, I am currently participating in the Daniel Fast, which I am LOVING.  What I look so forward to sharing with you is how it is truly allowing me time to reflect on what and where I want to go with my little cottage.  Stay tuned, so many things to write and share with you...only so many hours in a day to write!!

Take me out to the ball game...

Hi everyone!

It is that time of year again, time for nights at the ball park as our kids prepare for the All-Star baseball games.  I have always LOVED watching my boys play ball, but this year has added a new level of excitement to this spring & summer tradition.  It has been so exciting to take my love for design and creating things and now use that to make things for fellow baseball moms.  Yes, the temperature may be over 100 degrees, but baseball moms still like to look good while they show their support for their kiddos.

Though the season only has a few weeks left, I look so forward to making new things for the fall to share when February rolls around once again.  What is so funny is that we start the season off wearing sweat shirts, yet end the season worrying about getting heat stroke!  These precious years with our kids go by so very fast though, I would not change them for the world.

So many exciting ideas, so many teams and moms to share my ideas and creations with - I cannot wait!!  As I add to my creative portfolio this fall, I will also add a page to my blog dedicated specifically to Baseball Moms.  My fall slowed down my timeline for some of these things, but in no way has hindered my plans!!  If anything it has just given me more time to plan.

So to my precious kids, know how much I love watching you and supporting you for this very special time in your lives!!  I would not trade this time for anything in the world!!

Let's play ball!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

This is the Day!!!

Hi everyone!

Waking up at 3 am, the Lord put the following verse on my heart.

“This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24

Since I fell in March I have had to spend much time in prayer. Since I have not been able to sew and embroider at my normal pace, I have tried to focus on taking my misfortune and turn it into a fortunate blessing!! This verse so reaffirms that to me this morning. It does not tell me it is going to be a great day, it tells us that no matter what life may brings my way today, God made the day and I am to rejoice and be glad. I can tell you from personal experience that it is indeed possible to rejoice and be glad even on the darkest of days. The exciting part about trials and tribulations though is that they refine our character. I would not be the woman and mom I am today had it not been for my life experiences, both good and bad.

Speaking of bad experiences, here I am three months after my fall, still trying to heal, still not knowing if I am going to need surgery and yet God is continuing to use this time in such an amazing way!! I am using this time to tend to my house and get it in order. In addition I have finally learned out to reach out to friends and ask for help. Having spent my entire adult life handling everything life required by myself; this was a huge thing for me. I have traveled the globe, moving back and forth between Europe several times, shipping household goods, pets and kids by myself and yet now with an injured right arm, everyday household chores are a challenge. My career and business all involve a computer, which I use to stay on for hours every day and now it might be days between times that I actually get on the computer.

That is okay though, I have taken this little bundle of lemons life has thrown my way, added them to my water and I am now doing the Daniel Fast. Yes, when all else fails and you need direction in your life, the best and surest course of action…just pray!!

I look so forward to see where this entire journey is going to lead so that I might share it with you. I am even more excited knowing that one day I will be healed and back to my normal pace of making and creating exciting things to show you. How long will this take, well that is the beauty about life, only God knows the answer to that question and for now He has not shared the answer with me.

So though this is Monday, “rejoice and be glad” and have a GREAT week!!


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