Saturday, February 26, 2011

I have the moon in sight!!

Hi everyone,

The past few days have just left me speechless!!  I am overcome with emotion and in awe at the task the Lord has set before me.  My students are more than just a number to me, they are like my own kids…and there are times when they need someone to help them carry their cross.  I am just so very privileged that this time the Lord has chosen me!! 

What I have learned over the years is to treat the twists and turns of the path I am journeying down in this life with child-like enthusiasm.  Yes, sometimes things do not turn out like we planned, but I have learned that if we keep they faith, they usually turn out waaaaaaayyyyy better!!

A classic example, for many years my goal in life was to one day research & write with the goal being to publish in a technical journal.  However, in the past year, in an incredible twist of fate, I now know that my ultimate goal is to one day be published in one of Stampington's magazines. 

For me, this would be the ultimate accomplishment!!  :D  It is through these amazing publications that I have expanded upon my knowledge of the blog world.  Finding women, just like myself that love to create has given my heart wings!!  So I have a list of projects that I want to submit for publication and the dates that they are due.  Why just shoot for the moon, when there are so many stars that one can catch!!

The support and encouragement that the blog community gives to each other, especially in the genre that I follow, is INCREDIBLE!!  When I look at different sites I say to myself "I can do that"!!!  This is motivational beyond all means!!  This is also why people are so willing to share their tips and hints, so other people can branch out and do what they are doing.  Each blog has a different style and personality that reflects the creator, which also makes it so fun to follow them and learn.  They say that the more active our brains, the longer we will live.  Being the avid learner that I am, I should make 100 easy!!


  1. Good luck with your publication goals. I believe that achieving goals is often a matter of putting one foot in front of the other. You'll get there. Thanks for visiting and becoming a follower at Buttermilk Cottage. I hope you'll come back often to visit!

  2. Thanks so much Susan!!

    The blue that you use on your blog banner is just BEAUTIFUL!!! It just makes me want to embroider or sew something in that color.

    Yes, I will visit your blog often.

    Enjoy your weekend!




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