Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stars & Stickers

Hi everyone!

I must admit, I am such a "Stars & Stickers" kind of girl.  This is why I enjoy going to my Weight Watcher's Meetings, versus only participating in the program online.  When Mary, our leader, gives me a star or "Bravo" sticker, you would have thought I had won the Nobel Peace Prize.

It is the simple things in life that make me smile.  Though I have to tell you, when I saw yesterday that Nothy Lane from Aft Agley had nominated me for a "Liebster Blogging Award" you would have thought it was an Oscar.

So the researcher in me then proceeded to do several things.  First I went to Nothy's blog to find out more and second I went to Google to find out more about the award.  Okay, so there is not a committee that decides to bestow this upon me, but the idea is really incredible.   It is designed to increase the number of followers that an up-and-coming blogger have on their site.  Since Nothy is from Canada & I am from Louisiana AND this nomination did not come from an immediate friend or family member, I am thrilled.  What a GREAT way to meet new people in the blogging community and broaden this online experience.

As any writer will admit, even if it is to themselves on a cold winter night, we all like to know that people like to read what we have written...that we are on the right track...that we just may be on to something with this writing stuff.  So I will keep you posted and let you know if Curiosity Cottage becomes a winner.



  1. Oh I love this blog and YOU definitely deserve an award. You have such style. And I think blogs like yours make the world a better place.




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